Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 1

The Ork and Chaos fleet almost ran headlong into Hathek's smaller, faster vessels, but in the end the Imperial fleet was able to land troops and move to the edge of the system before the orks arrived. Lorek and Thrugnik then landed their troops in the southern mountains before dispersing. Lorek's plan was simple. Steal the device and get it operational, leaving via the portal. He didn't much care what happened to the Orks, they seemed to be more interested in the Sentinel Scrapyard in any case. Hathek simply had the destruction of the Device in mind. Leaving wasn't a priority.

Having landed, the Orks moved north towards the scrapyard, and formed the left wing of a broad chaos front. Lorek's forces, along with Thrugnik's orks, moved towards the Sentinel Prime compound, very soon encountering Dark Angel and Aurora Angel space marines who were holding the perimeter for Xanthus. Bloody fighting here saw Xanthus' defences falter, and by the end of 0812.011M42 Lorek and Thrugnik had surrounded the main imperial compound.

On Lorek's right, the Covenant of Damnation and Conquerer's of Gorgoroth made for the spaceport, but a stubborn defence from Xanthus' Cerberex Guard soon turned into an all out counter attack when the eldar intervened on the Imperial side. On Lorek's far right, the Catechism executed a wide flanking manouevre, racing across the central plains and defeating the 24th Islandawanda at the Caverns of Argaash.

Meanwhile Hathek had landed in the north, and the space wolves, moving around the western shore of the Odin Sea, encountered Orks at the Scrap Yard, seeing them off and digging in, aware of the ferocious battle taking place at the main compound and not wishing to get involved, yet.

The Praetorian Guard moved to the east of the Odin Sea but were ambushed and delayed by the eldar, while the Tau, who had landed at the Ningbo Tomb complex, were massacred by eldar intent on preventing any activation of the dormant Necrons under the surface of the planet. The Necrons themselves had gone straight for the main prize, but despite defeating an eldar ambush, they could not get past the enormous battle taking place outside the compound.

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