Monday, December 05, 2011


++++++Transmitted: Astropathic beacon Sigma 1188_3
+++++++++Received: Astropath Adranek
++++++Destination: Inquisitor Lord Hathek
+++++Mission Time: 0212.011M42
++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Calladek
++++++++++++++Ref: Heresy/112_213XAN
+++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Julius DeMann

Thought for the Day: A single thought of heresy can blight a lifetime of faithful duty


My Lord Hathek,

I can confirm your earlier suspicions are correct. I have been observing Lord Xanthus' actions on Sentinell for many weeks now. Despite his ongoing distraction of the war on Tyndareous, his main obsession is as ever "the Device". Somehow he has come into possession of the plans to the arcane chaos machinery and is now attempting to build one of his own. It is as you postulated. The device creates a stable wormhole through the warp, much akin to the eldar webway, but without joining it. This device can create a portal from anywhere, to anywhere.

From what I have seen of its construction it is of identical design to that posessed by the arch traitor Moonface, and will be able to deliver agents, assassins, even armies wherever Lord Xanthus sees fit once it is fully operational. I witnessed its first test. Ten souls of "heretics" were fed to the device, and the heretical construction disappeared, only to re-appear some minutes later, with Xanthus himself, who by then was looking very pleased.

This is surely heresy my lord, and this infernal device must be destroyed as not only is it heretical in design by its very nature, who knows what it calls when it is put to use. Already I feel the taint of chaos in the air, though Xanthus seems not to notice. It is calling them here. If you do not move to destroy it soon, others will come for it.

I am reasonably certain I have taken all the necessary precautions to prevent Lord Xanthus from intercepting this message, but if not, act soon, I shall await instructions.

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