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The Battle of Calliden - introduction

With the losses sustained by Lorek and the Catechism in the previous months, as well as intelligence that the warfleet of Shaidar Haran was no longer a gestalt entity, Admiral Jellicoe received orders from his superior to end the chaos blockade and to knock out the chaos fleet once and for all. He could call on five fleets for the action, those of his own battlegroup, led by the battleship Agamemnon, Admiral Dreyer's formidable force, the ships of newly arrived Admiral Hector, Admiral Beattie's battlegroup and a significant force lent by the Adeptus Mechanicus, who were eager to pour over the anticipated chaos hulks following the victory. Against him the chaos forces were known to have three fleets, those of Thok, Tragean and Lorek, and Jellicoe reckoned he should have a 5-3 advantage in numbers. More than enough for a crushing victory. Little did he know that the forces of chaos had anticipated such an attack on Calliden, and had made a pact with the orks, who had converted much of the outer rim's asteroids into their own unique battlecraft, roks.

So on 0312.011M42 the fleets of Jellicoe arrived in the Calliden system. Upon exiting the warp Jellicoe immediately suffered a setback, as Beattie's fleet hadn't arrived and could not be contacted. Presumed delayed in the warp, Jellicoe was forced to press ahead when several augur returns from the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel Magos Vaspasian indicated that the chaos forces were ready and waiting for them. The returns were vague however, and Jellicoe was forced to split his fleet, dividing it into its usual battlegroups as he pressed on in system. In the outer reaches of the system, close to a rogue planet and several asteroid belts, first contact was made.

Order of Battle


Battleships - Class
Magos Vaspasian - Retribution
Apollo - Oberon
Iron Duke - Emperor
Agamemnon - Victory

Heavy Cruisers - Class
Valiant - Armageddon
Glorious - Mars
Hephaestus - Exorcist
Hermes - Exorcist
Morpheus - Dominator

Cruisers - Class
Scienta - Tyrant
Valente Deo - Dictator
Esto Perpetua - Tyrant
Suppono - Gothic
Indefatigable - Tyrant
Agincourt - Lunar
Conqueror - Lunar
Indomitable - Gothic
Cressy - Gothic
Irresistible - Dominator
Implacable - Dominator
Morpheus - Dominator

Light Cruisers - Class
Daring - Defiant
Erebus - Dauntless
Medusa - Dauntless
Hippocampi - Dauntless
Helios - Dauntless

Chaos Ork alliance

Battleships - Class
Irredeemable Apostate - Desolator
Jormungandr - Desolator

Heavy Cruisers - Class
Messiah of Pain - Acheron
Sword of Ajax - Hades
Beowulf - Acheron
Plagueclaw - Hades

Cruisers - Class
Brunhilde - Carnage
Heimdal - Carnage
Volsung's Revenge - Devastation
Grendel's Fury - Devastation
Skoll - Slaughter
Doombringer - Devastation
Dark Omen - Carnage
Unnatural Permutation - Carnage
Reaver - Slaughter
Doomblade - Slaughter
Fortress of Hate - Devastation
Warp Revelator - Devastation
Divine Anarchy - Devastation
Agonise Demise - Carnage
Unholy Flame - Carnage

10 Ork roks and one space hulk

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