Saturday, April 21, 2012

Librian Guard make gains on Va'Doran

Responding to the fresh aggression of the Space Wolves Shadowstrike redeployed his fleet to Va'Doran. He would not allow any more colonies to be lost to the threacherous Imperium. Fresh hunter cadres were deployed to the planet's surface an an offensive planned against the Imperial landing zone. If this could be destroyed the Imperial invasion could be halted before it could gain momentum.

Things began to go wrong when the lead elements of the Tau attack encountered elite Librain mechanised formations, well experienced in war against the Tau from campaigns on Tarsis Major and Melberg. Knowing the Tau's preference for isolating and eliminating priority targets the veteran leaders of the Librian regiment concentrated their forces in well selected defensive positions. The Tau were unable to inflict significant casualties, their long range fire power causing only minor material damage to the Librian tank forces. A series of strikes into the heart of the Librian positions by Kroot and Fire Warrior teams met with more success but suffered heavier casualties than they were able to inflict. Recognising that the assault was achieving nothing and costing Tau lives the Tau fell back to plan a new offensive, surrendering part of Mesme Tol to the Librian advance.

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