Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shattered Silence starts construction on new base

Despite knowing that the Shattered Silence were aiding the strange Eldar of the Rillietan in their mission, Inquisitor Huron was not surprised to learn that during 04.012M42 the Dark Eldar turned against their own kindred, assaulting them on the embattled world of Sentinel.

The raid followed the pattern of previous raids, and now the sometime allies of the Eldar fighting the Imperium on Sentinel attacked their own kin, defeating them in open battle before taking hundreds of Eldar captives. Huron could only guess at the horrors which awaited them in Commorragh, but Huron was unaware that the Shattered Silence had begun building their own base of operations in the Radeon Cluster, a space station which once completed, would make the Dark Eldar kabal a persistent and dangerous threat to the Vastrid subsector.

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