Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aleph sector current campaigns

ALEPH SECTOR: Lord General Thaddeus Roover


Hylas: A strategic backwater in the Zadoc subsector, the imperium are none-the-less keen not to let the orks overrun one of their bases in the Mabb Nebula. This is a battle between the orks and imperium, and one where the strategic situation (modifiers) is very unfavourable for the imperium. General Van Dorn presides over the Imperial defence.

Tyranteous: Of more importance is the agri world of Tyranteous. It is the last agri world left in the Zadoc subsector following the consumption of Alphe and Betor by Nemesis, and the subsector capital Zadoc is wholly dependent on Tyranteous for its survival. It has been simultaneously invaded by the Tau and chaos (led by Lorek), and the two enemies of the imperium briefly put their differences aside to force the imperium onto the back foot. The strategic position favours the tau, but only just. General Denham faces an uphill struggle to defend the rest of the imperial world.

Grimlock: The major world Grimlock has been invaded by Nemesis and the forces of chaos are struggling to defend their only major world in the Zadoc subsector. The strategic situation is balanced, so it looks like the tyranids will have a long war to fight.

Fort Sparcos: On the once imperial base of Fort Sparcos, the orks continue to frustrate Nemesis in the Zadoc subsector. The tyranids need to defeat the orks here before they can mount an invasion of nearby Kallack, but the more the attack the more orks flood into the system somehow.

New Cerberex: The tyranids have been sighted around the Imperial held New Cerberex system in the Mabb Nebula but so far no landing has been made by the aliens. Many feel it is only a matter of time.

PERSEUS DEEPS: General Veers

Ares: In the Perseus Deeps the war on Ares goes on as the eldar stubbornly refuse to leave despite having been ejected by the Imperium once already. Slowly the eldar are grinding down the imperium using hit and run tactics, and they now hold much of the strategic eastern portions of the inhabited sector, including the capital.

Parataea: The small tau colony of Parataea continues to hold out against the growing necron empire, but the Harakhty dynasty is slowly winning the war, despite the alliance between the tau and eldar. An alliance which has become all the more strained following the actions of the Shattered Silence kabal, who still hold a tau ethereal captive.

Minos: Imperial agents on Mordecai have determined that following the disastrous imperial attempt to invade Mordecai and the subsequent failed counter attack at Corticant, the master of Chaos, warmaster Stahl of the Iron Warriors, intends to lead his forces against Minos, the smallest and least well defended planet the imperium control in the Perseus Deeps. This plan is not certain however, as Corticant, though almost a fortres, would be a greater proze to the warmaster, and one which would unhinge Veers' defence strategy in the Deeps.


Zoggot: All that is known about Zoggot in the "perdita" Enceladus subsector is that it is currently ork controlled ant the catechism, showing their ability to reach great distances through the use of the chaos "device", have invaded.

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