Monday, April 08, 2013

Necrons make slow gains

As the early part of 013M42 continuted, renewed necron offensives in the Deeps proved they were still more than capable of conducting a multi-front war, and their strategic position within the Perseus Deeps remained superior to the other factions. During 03.013M42 the Harakhty dynasty had established a foothold on Corticant, and the war on Parataea against the alliance of Tau and Eldar continued. With necron resources already committed to two warzones it seemed unlikely the emergent empire would commit to another invasion while the other two were in progress. This is however exactly what the necrons did.

On 0504.013M42 the defenders of Mordecai Tersius, fresh from having defeated the Imperial invasion, received a nasty shock. Reports soon came in of massacres near Crassen from forces which had almost literally appeared from nowehere. Chaos scout forces soon found a necron army waiting for them on the slopes of Mount Harender, poised to move south to strike at the city. The Iron Warriors, unable to redeploy swiftly enough from the scorched lands after recent fighting there, turned to Lorek.

The chaos champion was able to respond to the part request, part challenge thrown down to him by his ally and hated rival Warsmith Stahl of the Iron Warriors. Despite having only limited forces in the region while he pursued his own ends on Tyranteous, Lorek promised the support of his daemonic patrons. The daemons of Lorek appeared north of Crassen itself and pushed up the slopes of the mountain, only to find accurate anti aircraft fire hampering their aerial assault. One daemon prince was immediately banished back to the warp and another injured. Then, with the remaining horde of daemons rushing forward as fast as they could, the battlefield echoed to the screeching engine noise of night scythes, who soon shot down another of the larger daemons. Another of the larger monsters was finished off by the necron forces firmly dug in on the mountain slopes, leaving the daemon host effectively decapitated.

There was but one hope left for Lorek's force as a great unclean one strode into the midst of the necron lines. realising the danger the necron lord himself charged the giant abomination, and soon the other-worldly beast became enraged at the attentions of the mind shackle scarabs. With the great unclean one effectively neutralised, the rest of the necron army began the task of banishing the lesser daemons. This they managed with ruthless efficiency, and within a day it was clear the daemonic attack had petered out. Lorek's host evaporated back to the warp, allowing the necrons to march triumphantly through Crassen, their lord waving to the hastily assembled crowds (on pain of death), who cheered him loudly (also on pain of death).

The necron dynasty now had a foothold on both Mordecai and Corticant, and they underlined their strategic superiority by launching another attack on the tau colony of Parataea. The tau had fortified the Ak'ra isthmus heavily, so the necrons decided to assault Kau'tra to reach the eastern shore of the Soilent Sea. The tau however were ready for this manouevre as well, and managed to ambush the advancing necron forces. The sudden tau assault neutralised much of the necron mobility, and the advance slowed. Gradually however, and at great cost, the forces of the Harakhty dynasty managed to stubbornly inch their way forward. By 0904.013M42 although they hadn't taken the small tau settlement, they had reached the eastern shore of the Soilent Sea, and were able to launch striked to the rear of the tau lines on the Ak'ra isthmus, threatening the tau city of Ak'ra itself.

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