Tuesday, April 30, 2013

War in the Perseus Deeps

In the Perseus Deeps during late 04.013M42 the Necrons continued to make gains, while the forces of chaos suffered an unexpected blow in the Mordecai system. On Corticant, General Veers was denied permission to leave the planet and ordered to take "all necessary steps" by his superior in order to prevent the Imperial base from falling to the necrons.Heavy fighting continued between the imperial guard, Red Angels and the necrons in Lochford, and a narrow strip of imperial controlled road kept open supplies flowing to the two regiments of guard cut off from the rest of Veers' forces in Violetwind coast.

In order to relieve this deadlock, general Veers used his influence to pursuade the Blood Angels and Dark Angels, who had for some time based their operations in the Deeps at Corticant, to intervene. A combined strike force attacked the necron forces at Bymarsh with the intention of sabotaging necron operations further east, thus giving the defenders of Lochford a chance to fight back.

The raid itself was conducted by a force of company strength with representatives from both chapters. Working well together, initially the necron invaders were sent reeling from the shock of the astartes assault. Unfortunately, the space marines were unable to hold onto this advantage, and then at a critical juncture were forced to abandon the mission and embark for more important duties elsewhere. The necrons, although shaken by the lightning raid, recovered and by the end of 04.013M42 had secured the rest of Lochford, trapping the Corellian Storm Guard regiment and the Librian 42nd regiment at Violetwind Coast. Veers was furious and lost faith with the space marine chapters after the incident, which permanently soured relations between the two chapters and the veteran general.

Meanwhile at Mordecai, the forces of chaos suffered an awful shock when a vast host of eldar turned up on Mordecai Tersius, which had only recently been evacuated by the imperium. Using their knowledge of the ancient webway, the eldar warhost ripped into hastily prepared defences on the chaos world, which had seen its garrison forces much reduced since the imperial evacuation.

The main battle came at Slaydon, as the eldar had poured out of the Vaylin mountains from their secluded webway portal, and quickly beseiged the town. A significant response was sent by the local garrison commander, and a battle involving mighty war engines and several eldar titans took place in the middle of the city itself. After several hours of bitter fighting the chaos forces were soundly defeated, and the eldar swept into the city before driving west to threaten the already wartorn region of Skrime.

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