Sunday, April 21, 2013

War on Zoggot

Da Verminator was unable to halt the progress of the forces of chaos by himself ont he minor world of Zoggot. The ork warboss found his forces stretched to thinly, and was forced to ask for help in ridding Zoggot of the Catechism invasion. Asking for help is never easy for an ork, but Da Verminator "sold" the idea to his fellow ork warlords by advertising "da best fightin in da sekta" and that the other orks would miss out if they didn't join in.

Only Uzfang responded with anything more than derision. Na'Porkleon was brooding in his forts on Hylas, waiting for his forces to be built up for his next big strike, while Krumpgutz and Snazzgubbins had clearly wandered off elsewhere. Uzfang didn't believe the advertised scrap to be all it was cracked up to be, nor did the ork warlord have any interest in the Enceladus subsector, at least not now. However, Warboss Hawkfoot was becoming annoying so Uzfang was more than happy to let his underling go on an adventure far away from the real glory. Hawkfoot set off in mid 03.013M42 and arrived in late 04.013M42. His forces immediately deployed as requested by Da Verminator, ready to face the massed Imperial guard and traitor marine forces of the Catechism.

Unfortunately for the orks, the Catechism did not attack. Instead the greenskins found that Moonface had secured the support of a number of powerful daemon princes of the empyrean itself, and now these led a horde of warp spawned entities against the enemies of Moonface, starting with the recently arrived Hawkfoot. Uzfang's lieutenant soon began to regret his decision to join in the "adventure" on Zoggot, as his army was systematically annihilated by the daemonic host. The orks struggled to find an answer to the forces of the warp, who tore the greenskins, particularly Hawkfoots elite biker formations, limb from limb in an orgy of violence.

After several days of seriously one-sided combat, Hawkfoot abandonned Da Verminator, and the rest of his army, and hot footed it as quickly as possible back to the Zadoc subsector, where he would be greeted by an irate Uzfang. Meanwhile Da Verminator found his forces surrounded in the settlement which passed for the ork capital. The daemons dissipated, but the greenskins were now penned in by the conventional forces of chaos. Zoggot looked almost certain to fall within weeks.

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