Sunday, May 19, 2013

Corellians counter attack on Ares

Following the Astartes failure in the preceding weeks, General Vasilevsky scrambled to prevent a general eldar breakthrough. He had been warned that the eldar were attacking in force and that to hold the line would be a challenge. However, despite not having overwhelming numbers, Vasilevsky could still call on elite regiments, including one from the Corellian Storm Guard. It was these elite troops the imperial general placed along the most likely axis of advance for the aliens, and it was the Corellians who met the eldar advance head on.

The elite imperial guard formation absorbed the initial shock of the eldar attack, and then counter attacked using Vendetta gunships and chimera borne mechanised regiments. Attacking in force, sheer numbers overwhelmed the disciplined eldar, in a way the astartes could not. Backed by heavy artillery and air strikes, the Corellians stopped the eldar advance dead, and by 2305.013M42, despite ongoing bitter fighting, the eldar were once again retreating back up the Hellebron Valley and to within sight of the ruined capital. The Corellian's had stopped the eldar advance, but Vasilevsky now needed more troops to press home his advantage.

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