Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zoggot falls to chaos

The eldar were not only active in the Zadoc subsector in their new policy of overt support for the orks. In the Enceladus subsector, far from imperial control, the orks were also under threat. Chaos had invaded the minor world of Zoggot, and should it fall, eldar farseers had predicted swift gains for the forces of chaos, with the possible collapse of the orks in the region. This in turn they predicted would lead to a further assault by chaos on the Vork Ork Expanse, leading to a new Waagh! which would draw orks away from the Zadoc subsector, and potentially put the orks themselves on a colision course with eldar ambitions.

The forces of chaos, united for once in their victory over the orks, chose the death guard to lead the advance on the last remaining ork stronghold, unaware that the eldar were now supporting their greenskin enemy. As the final battle was joined the eldar forces fought valiantly and almost tipped the tide as the ork commander smashed into the death guard ranks taking out the chaos lord himself, charging through the chaos lines and causing much destruction before being shot down by cowardly havocs with lascannon.

The battle itself hinged on a rather peculiar action near the centre of the ork settlement. In their attempt to prevent the chaos forces from breaking through the ork lines the greenskins had developed a new powerful weapon, capable of levelling entire city blocks. Based on unstable wormhole technology the first experimental firing unfortunately ended up firing an unlucky grot helper into a tree near the enemy lines. This was particularly calamatous as this particular grot had been carrying the ork "planz" to the device. One ork warboss immediately tried to use "stelth" to rescue the unfortunate creature before the enemy noticed what had just been fired into its midst, but his clumsy approach brought an entire death guard company swiftly onto his position.

The eldar knew this would be the key action, thanks to the prescience of their psykers, although they perhaps didn't forsee the loss of their commander to an unfortunate mishap with a shokk attack gun... Nevertheless the strange ork-eldar "alliance" held, and together they made a concerted effort to come to the rescue not just of a grot and a warboss, but of the planet of Zoggot itself. The ork boys, expecting to wade through the death guard ranks like their commander, crashed into a wall of plague ridden bodies and were hacked down. In the end the eldar forces were unable to save the grot or the warboss sent to retrieve him and had to withdraw. Zoggot had fallen to chaos.

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