Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tyndareous uprising

Following the chaos uprising on Zadoc, it was quickly discovered that the Arch Cleric was not a local force confined to the imperial world. Clearly keen on destabilising the entire subsector, forces claiming loyalty to this new and enigmatic chaos figurehead, again supported by Word Bearers astartes, declared themselves the rulers of Tyndareous, a tau base with some half a million human subjects.

The city of Arrenton was soon lost by the tau, and Dawnstride, nominally in control of Tyndareous, ordered is forces to restore order. In scenes similar to those on Zadoc the tau soon came up against a well prepared and well equipped enemy, supported by heavy weaponry, war engines and vehicles. Somehow the forces of chaos had been slowly building up their forces across the sector, and both the imperium and tau began internal investigations intending to understand how they had allowed such forces to build up on worlds they claimed to control.

The tau assault was easily beaten by the Arch Cleric and his army, and the tau were preparing to re-deploy forces from Tyranteous to secure their vital base, but in the end the sudden and unexpected appearance of eldar forces on Tyndareous turned the tide. A large eldar warhost, supported by at least one mighty Wraith Knight was too much for the Arch Cleric's forces, and the chaos uprising on Tyndareous, unlike on Zadoc, was brutally eliminated. Their base secure the Tau could now concentrate once more on defeating the imperium, but the appearance of chaos forces on one of their own bases had weakened the tau claims that they were superior to the imperium in keeping order, and the water caste now found human ears more skeptical to their overtures. The tau redoubled their efforts to sway the starving on Zadoc however, but now the Arch Cleric appeared to embody salvation for many of the poor, rather than the tau.

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