Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tyranids surface on Memnon

The previously relentless onslaught of Hive Fleet Nemesis had been quiet of late, the Hive Minds seemingly content to sit and digest the worlds they had consumed. Biomass was being stored and readied for the next offensive, with analysts on all sides wondering where it would strike.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it was the Eldar Farseers who correctly predicted the movements of the Hive Fleet. It was fortunate that the Tau counted the Eldar as their allies for it was the Tau outpost of Memnon where the Tyranids were next to attack. Slipping through the webway the Eldar met the advance force of the invasion as it was landing. The battle was brutal, with heavy losses on both sides – but these were losses the Eldar could ill afford, and the Tyranids could easily replace. The attack was blunted but in no way stopped.

With the Eldar failing to stop the attack their only hope was that they had bought enough time for their allies to prepare. Outside Research Station Re’Lso Tau forces were being hastily assembled and initially it seemed this may be enough, for only a few Tyranid creatures initially came into view to attack. But as they thought they had the upper hand the defenders were unprepared for a rain of spore pods and winged creatures dropping from the skies, and tunneling beasts emerging from the ground.

Used to keeping their enemies at range the Tau were thrown into disarray, and monsters rampaged through their lines. Many of the defenders broke and ran early in the battle rather than be ripped apart by tooth and claw. An XV104 Riptide held its own amongst the chaos, but was finally bought down by psychic assault for which belief in the Greater Good provides little defence. The battle was over swiftly, the Tyranids quickly consuming what they could. The Tau, who until now had managed to avoid the unstoppable tendrils of Nemesis, realized that they were entering a new fight, possibly their most dangerous so far.

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