Friday, September 27, 2013

Aleph Sector factions & Motivations

Over the last decade the Imperium have lost the Aleph subsector and much of the Zadoc subsector. However Veers' crusade in the Deeps was partially successful, and saw the breaking of chaos dominion over many worlds. Now however the Imperium faces a myriad of threats to its interest, with several alien empires impinging on its territory, and hive fleet Nemesis devouring a path through the sector. It is up to the new Sector Governor to re-establish control of the situation and reassert the power of the Emperor across the region.

The power of chaos has waned significantly from its zenith five years ago, but is now showing signs of a resurgence. Various factions have come and gone, but now the forces of chaos are becoming united once more, and aim to rid the Enceladus subsector of the ork infestation, while taking Zadoc and a host of other worlds from the Imperium. There are threats however. Nemesis is eating into the chaos empire in the Rim Worlds, and the necrons are implacably advancing in the Perseus Deeps, while the tau are in direct competition with chaos for control of the Zadoc subsector.

For millenia the necrons slumbered. Now they have awoken amongst the ruins of their ancient empire. So far the reconquest of the Harakhty dynasty's worlds has gone well. From nothing, fully ten systems have fallen under the yoke of necron rule. However the work has only just begun, for in ages past the dynasty ruled over a hundred worlds. One by one the necron rulers plan to reconquer their lost empire, enslaving millions of alien vermin to do their bidding.

The alliance formed in 011M42 to counter the growing power of the necrons, but it is also aligned against the forces of chaos. The alliance includes the eldar, led or guided by the harlequins of the Rillietan, the Tau empire, who's conquests over the last decade have given them the "aleph expansion sphere", and the Federacy, a secessionist movement which broke away from the imperial yoke some years ago. The tau are by far the largest force in the alliance, with the Federacy providing limited military support. The eldar commit when it is in their own interests, and tensions often arise between the eldar and the tau when the latter are not consulted over the actions of the former. Will the alliance hold? Only time will tell.

The orks of the Aleph sector have never been led by a single warlord. Nazghat, Snazteef, Krumpgutz, Thrugnik, Uzfang, Da Verminator and Na'Porkleon have all come to prominence at different times, although Nazghat secured a small empire in the Mabb Nebula for a time so may be considered to be the most successful thus far. However it is Uzfang who currently holds sway over the orks, who remain embattled on Fort Sparcos and locked in a long war on Hylas. So far the orks are contained, but for how long?

Hive fleet Nemesis is by far the most dangerous hive fleet to have come out of the eastern rim. Hive fleets morph, megalodon and triton were all defeated, at great cost, but Nemesis is different. Having devoured several key worlds in the Zadoc subsector the hive mind is travelling further and further in to the sector. It has communicated with its prey, and seems to possess a strategic vision which goes far beyond the expected mindless violence of the alien race. More surprising still it seems to have originated from within the galaxy, something which puzzles the inquisition greatly.

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