Monday, September 30, 2013

Na'Porkleon re-invades Zoggot

Four months had past since the forces of Chaos kicked the orks of the minor world of Zoggot and the Norsefire empire was given control of the new world. The Arch Cleric and his Word Bearer allies then moved in force to Zadoc, while a defensive garison was left in charge in the Enceladus subsector. However the warlord Na'Porkleon took advantage of the absence of the Word Bearer fleet to send a new invasion force back to Zoggot. The invasion "fleet" consisted of little more than a couple of kroozers, but by early 09.013M42 the force had reached the Zoggot system and was heading towards the minor world, ork Roks being constructed at an alarming speed and drifting in with the main force.

Na'Porkleon landed on 1209.013M42 and met little resistance. He was allowed to establish a bridgehead while the traitor guard units defending Zoggot hastily erected fortifications and appealed for help. Frustrated, the Arch Cleric diverted a significant force to bolster his defences in the Enceldaus subsector, while keeping the majority of his forces on Zadoc.

The small force of traitor marines arrived by strike cruiser some weeks later, easily avoiding the ork vessels and landing on the planet's night side on 2609.013M42. The force was in battle less than three days later, where it faced the vanguard of Na'Porkleon's horde.

The ork forces comprised mainly of boys, and lots of them, bedecked in their characteristic blood axe "kamo" and sporting an unfeasible amount of firepower. Despite the Arch Cleric and the Word Bearers managing to surprise their enemy, their initial bombardment was absorbed and with a deafening roar the orks rushed towards their enemy. A bloodbath followed as the ork firepower pinned the chaos forces down, while the greenskin infantry closed the distance, finally smashing into the chaos lines and ripping them apart. The orks took heavy losses as well, their warboss and his mega armoured nobz succumbing finally to the attentions of two Soul Grinders, but they had smashed the chaos heavy units. In the air the ork aircraft were bested by daemonic helldrakes, but concentrated loota fire shot down anything which came to close.

By the end of the second day the chaos force was retreating, and Na'Porkleon's forces had overrun nearly a third of the planet's inhabited bases. The war on Zoggot had been reopened and chaos dreams of an invasion of Gargash had been shattered for the time being.

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