Sunday, October 06, 2013

Iron Warriors resume offensives

In early 10_013M42 Warsmith Stahl, having managed to gain access to an invasion fleet, landed the first contingent of forces on Zadoc. This vanguard force managed to secure access to the "Device", landing a large force of marines and cultists on Vasto, which then proceeded to move out towards Gerzonne. On the way the Iron Warriors found themselves ambushed by dark eldar of unknown origin.

The ambush took the chaos force by surprise, and this quickly lead to the loss of a number of their heavier units, including vindicator support tanks. Worse, the Daemon Prince leading the army was temporarily banished by the unexpected assault. The Iron Warriors soon recovered however and began to systematically take apart their enemy, leading to a rout of the dark eldar army.

The surprise attack did however buy time for an ultramarines force to make planetfall on Zadoc. This force immediately interposed itself between the chaos forces and the settlement of Gerzonne. Although fighting bravely the marines found themselves outmanouvred and out thought by the battle hardened chaos forces, and vital objectives were taken before the ultramarines could react. The imperial forces counter attacked, but were met with a hail of fire from an enemy now firmly entrenched on the ring of hills surrounding Gerzonne. There was no hope now of saving the city as Helldrakes and other chaos craft blasted the city from above. The ultramarines focussed their remaining energy on holding the chaos forces at bay for as long as possible, while the imperial authorities conducted a perilous rescue attempt over the Lagiaca Sea. Hundreds of ocean going vessels evacuated nearly 100,000 people from Gerzonne, landing on the west coast of Ascobabria and as far north as Anorigo. However losses were high and almost double this perished in the evacuation attempt.

Warsmith Stahl now had a secure base from which to launch further assaults, although for the moment at least his forces remained bottled up on the island of Vasto.

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