Monday, October 21, 2013

Battles in the deeps

The alliance's mixed fortunes in the Zadoc subsector were reflected in the Perseus Deeps with victory on Parataea but defeat on Ares. By mid to late 10.013M42 the long running war on Ares had once again turned in favour of the Imperium, and Vassilevsky in overall command was benefiting from having a united force of marines and imperial guard. On 1510.013M42 he launched a new limited guard offensive into the shattered ruins of Ares city, gaining ground and occupying a few more precious miles of rubble. Gradually the imperium was clawing back the eldar gains and costing the eldar many lives. The battle of wills continued.

On Parataea the necrons had been in retreat for some months, and now the Rillietan turned up in force to reinforce the tau forces, launching their own offensive towards the necron controlled tau settlement of T'Varsh. The necrons appeared sluggish to react, and it seemed that the Harakhty Dynasty might not be all that serious about the invasion of Parataea, or its interest had waned, and b y 1810.013M42 the settlement was back in alliance hands, its slaves free once more.

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