Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ultramarines retake the Praetorian Line

The imperial response to the recent tau offensives was to immediately attempt to regain the Praetorian line. Cunninghame knew his only chance would be to hold the tau along the line using Lake renbow as part of his defences. If the Praetorian line remained breached, Cunningham would have to retreat deep into East Grent, on a line just west of Ashwater to Mount Kedalwing, where the front line would be shortest. This however would surrender the vitally important Renbow refinery, which would ensure reconquest of the rest of Tyranteous would be almost impossible without a full scale re-invasion.

The Ultramarines agreed to take on the mission of retaking the Praetorian Line and liberating Renbow. The marines moved out in force on 2110.013M42 and soon a thick fog descended on the region. There followed a confused engagement, where somehow the tau under commander Dawnstride managed to leave a portion of the line completely undefended, and the Ultramarines easily retook the fort at the southern end of the line before the tau realised what was going on. The tau at Renbow, now cut off, were forced to evacuate via orca over lake Renbow. Fortune had smiled on the imperium for once, and the tau had carelessly surrendered an important strategic gain.

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