Monday, October 21, 2013

Chaos take Sartignay on Zadoc

With the Iron Warriors landing on south east Foregia, the imperial forces remaining on Ascobabria now found themselves fighting a war on two fronts. Lord General Brooke was forced to redeploy his Librian units south to defend his left flank, leaving the Legio Gryphonicus in reserve and the newly arrived Novgorod Guard units in the front line facing the hordes of the Arch Cleric. On 1810.013M42 the attack came, with the Arch Cleric leading a host of daemons, cultists and traitor marines against the imperial city of Sartignay. The Novgorod guard died in droves as usual, but were unable to make their sacrifice count as the hordes of chaos broke through the imperial lines in a number of places.

Too late Brooke realised the danger. The Arch Cleric was bypassing the city and forging ahead to the coast, attempting to cut off the Zadocian and Librian forces in the Ascobian peninsular to the south west, trapping the imperial forces if they reached the coast of the Gontina Sea. The Librians, closest to Sartignay, were able to escape the trap but three Zadocian regiments, some thirty thousand men, were trapped in the salient. This could have been much worse, but the Iron Warriors and Arch Cleric had now joined up, and a concerted drive south from Warlord Stahl would see imperial resistance on Zadoc cut in two.

Meanwhile the continueing chaos success on Zadoc was alarming to the tau, who were straining to complete the rout of the imperium on Tyranteous so they could begin the "liberation" of Zadoc. Now the tau had to consider fighting the imperium and chaos on Zadoc at the same time as finishing off Tyranteous and facing the orks and tyranids in the Mabb nebula. Something the tau wondered if they could support. If they didn't the whole of Zadoc may fall to chaos Irreparably before the alliance could rush to its peoples' defence.

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