Sunday, October 13, 2013

HYLAS: Long war continues

On Hylas as mid 10_013M42 approached, the ongoing war on Hylas continued to progress nearly four hundred days after the initial ork landings. By now a myriad of ork warlords had flocked to Uzfang's banner, and the imperium under General Van Dorn were struggling to contain the orks following recent defeats. In addition the more important wars on Tyranteous and Zadoc were draining Van Dorn of much needed supplies, and gradually the orks were gaining the upper hand.

On 1210_013M42 the Adeptus Mechanicus force available to Hylas launched its own offensive in the West Coast region. RFelatively fresh troops, the Mechanicus were able to take on the greenskins north of Berkeley, and they planned to push on towards teh strategically vital city. However resistance proved stiff, and the Mechanicus forces were unable to commit a significant strategic reserve. After securing modest gains the offensive ground to a halt, well short of the main objective, but it was an imperial victory none the less.

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