Monday, October 28, 2013

Imperial defeat on Tyranteous

With the Praetorian line retaken the Ultramarines moved south into Grent, as news had emerged that a new aggressive force had appeared under commander "Lightspear", a known follower of the teachings of Farsight. This new commander was known to have aggressive, often brutal tactics which drew the attention of the astartes chapter. They didn't have to wait long.

On 2310.013M42 the tau launched yet another offensive into Grent, once again attempting to encircle imperial forces there. Once again Grent pass became critical to the outcome of the offensive and this time the Ultramarines barred the way of the tau forces. Lightspear's troops were not phased however, and subjected the highly mechanised marines to a bombardment of anti tank munitions which decimated their defence. Only once the fighting power of the marines had been severely reduced did the tau advance, butchering any survivors and opening the road into Grent. Cunningham was forced once again into retreat, and a new more unsavoury force of tau had shown its hand on the plains of Tyranteous.

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