Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skyfall defeated on Zadoc

In mid 01.014M42 the Emperor's Children inflicted a rare reversal of fortune to the tau armies prosecuting the war on Zadoc. For months the tau had focussed on battering the imperial armies, generally avoiding the forces of chaos to the east of their occupation zone. For a while the chaos forces, similarly unwilling to fight on two fronts, had observed a tacit ceasefire, attacking the imperial armies only and jockeying for position with the tau by capturing various imperial strongpoints. However by early 014M42 the chaos high command, or what passed for one, realised that before long the tau would successfully "hem in" the traitor forces, cutting them off from the remaining imperial lines and forcing them to perform difficult amphibious and airborne missions to carry the war to the Imperium.

The tau had also laid siege to the chaos held city of Gyennt, and on 1801.014M42 the Emperor's Children legion led a large army against Skyfall's sector, attacking his forces on a narrow front where the tau army held a tenuous foothold on the southern continent across the straits of Chadana.

The ancient astartes led the attack, their elite warriors and ancient war engines proving a difficult opponent for Skyfall's seasoned veterans. The violence of the assault was enough to convince Skyfall to abandon the seige of the chaos city and withdraw north of the Chadana sea. For the first time in a good while the tau had suffered a reverse on Zadoc, although the defeat had been of little strategic significance.

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