Sunday, February 02, 2014

Chaos retreats on Zadoc

Early 02.014M42 saw reversals for the forces of chaos on Zadoc. In the south the Adeptus Mechanicus led a new offensive against chaos, the first imperial offensive for some months, moving the front forward some fifty to one hundred miles by the end of the week long operation. During the fighting, a new daemonic force was recognised and drew the attention of the Ordo Malleus, although Inquisitor Hathek was able to use his influence to prevent the wholesale "cleansing" of regiments taking part in the war on Zadoc.

The same daemonic hordes made their presence felt against the alliance further north, as Commander Windgather arrived to repair the damage inflicted by the Emperor's Children. Increasingly the tau commanders on Zadoc looked to Windgather to act as "firefighter", moving forces from theatre to theatre across the planet shoring up any deficiencies in the tau lines and going over to the offensive wherever possible.

Windgather however encountered more daemonic forces than Emperor's Children, the legion having apparently withdrawn into the chaos hinterlands ready for their next operation. Thousands of traitor guardsmen were also encountered manning the defensive, but only the daemons put up meaningful resistance. The alliance assault continued however, and by 0802.014M42 the city of Jordosett, taken from the imperium by chaos, now fell to the tau.

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