Monday, February 03, 2014

Greenskin victories

As Nemesis was defeated utterly on Bastien, it was losing on Fort Sparcos. The two theatres could not be compared however. On Bastien a small splinter or vanguard of Nemesis had been paving the way for a larger invasion, whereas on Fort Sparcos the invasion proper was well underway, but stuck in a seemingly never ending stalemate which had so far lasted over five hundred and fifty days. In late 013M42 it had looked like a final victory for the tyranids was in sight, but more and more greenskins had since flooded into the massive an ever growing fortress installation, which had bloated to the size of a large hive city.

Underneath the fortress the greenskins had created vast tunnels and caves to grow their funghi, and the effect of the hive mind had had unintended consequences, causing massive overgrowth with the funghi growing to several times their normal size, this in turn feeding the ever growing population of orks. It also meant that more snotlings were needed as many of the funghi had become carnivorous, but this was balanced by extra sport of carnivorous funghi pit fighting, allowing the orks to entertain themselves between battles.

On 0302.014M42 the ruins around the fortress were once again the scene of mass carnage, as both sides launched simultaneous offensives. The tyranids unleashed their newest creatures upon the greenskins, Exocrines seen for the first time, launching foul toxin bombs into the ork ranks, while alien creatures filled the skies, carpeted the ground and appeared from beneath the ground.

The orks however were nothing if not numerous, and they met horde with horde. More importantly the orks had lootas, lots of them. All along the fortress walls and behind ramshackle ramparts the ork 'eavy weapons specialists sent a virtual wall of shot in to the tyranid hordes. The flying creatured were peppered with holes and ripped from the sky, while hordes of gaunts were simply swept away. Protected by burrowing underground some Trygon Primes made it to the ork lines, but having caused initial havoc, once they had killed all the orks around them they too fell prey to ork firepower. By 0802.014M42 the orks had regained much of the shanty town around the fortress, and had begun the process of constructing more useful things out of the scrap they salvaged.

On Zoggot, far away in the Enceladus subsector, the war between the orks and chaos erupted again in early 014M42 as the orks on the planet forgot all about their peace treaty. Seeing an opportunity for mayhem the Bad Moons attacked a small but strong party of Emperor's Children on the plains of the minor world, for little more than the joy of battle itself. The eventual bloody victory was for the orks, but the real effect was to end any hopes the forces of chaos had of convincing the orks to fight on their side against the imperium and the alliance. The orks would fight, bit on their terms, and often for no reason at all.

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