Sunday, February 09, 2014

Dark Angels raid Libria V

The next phase of the Dark Angels' investigation of the Librian Heresy took them to Libria V. Meeting no resistance from an unsuspecting administration, which would have struggled in any case to put up a fight on the least populated world of Libria, the attack plan was executed. The Dark Angels had determined that the alien supplies were being offloaded at several sites - hidden from the general populace - on the remote alpine planet, and Chaplain Azurath El'Ressius was tasked with finding the proof of the Librians' transgressions.

The surprise attack was launched early on 0702.014M42 from the Strike Cruiser Silent Hunter which was in orbit, ostensibly to take on supplies and carry out maintenance. A number of thunderhawks were launched to "ferry supplies" up from the surface and landed a strike team which made its way under cover of darkness to the abandoned airfield pinpointed as the destination for the supplies.Here they engaged a unit of Librian guardsmen defending the perimeter whilst the cargo ships were being unloaded. The Dark Angels strongly suspected from their opponents' confusion and horror at being attacked by Space Marines, and their reluctance to follow the orders of their superiors that only their commanding officers were directly complicit in the heresy. However, to the imperium ignorance is no defence.

Unfortunately for the Librians present when the Dark Angels attacked, the astartes declared that "all those associated with heresy are tainted by (it)" and that "they were righteously cleansed without mercy. In death they are free, may the Emperor have mercy on their souls." In addition several civilians were detained following the action who were actively participating in the unloading of the cargo vessels. It was then that a number of Federal agents were uncovered, and the explanation the Dark Angels had been looking for was revealed.

The findings of the Dark Angels were immediately relayed to Inquisitor Lord Vorushko on Vastrid. For her the evidence was damning, as she knew it would be, and she took immediate actions to prevent such sedition ever happening again. On 1402.014M42, by which time the Librian government on Libria III hadn't even been informed of the Dark Angels' action, Natalia Vorushko made her pronouncement.

***Citizens of Libria. Some among you have been found guilty of treason and heresy, dealing and trading with aliens and proscribed heretical organisations, namely the so-called Federacy. As a people you have broken the Pax Imperialis and transgressed against the Emperor's laws. You have been judged guilty and as Imperial lord Inquisitor I have passed judgement.

You will hand over your leaders. The governments of Libria will be removed and replaced by those deemed worthy of such an office. In addition the system of Libria and her people will submit to the following tithes as reparations for her transgressions.

The Imperial Guard tithe in terms of manufacture and delivery of materiel will be doubled for the next 100 years.

The first born Librian of every family from this day forward will be forfeit to the Emperor. They will serve pennance for their fathers' sins in Penal Regiments for the next 100 years.***

These terms were in addition to the already large Librian regiments raised and sent to fight in the Emperor's wars, but the imperium needed even more manpopwer and Natalia wasn't about to let such a glorious opportunity go to waste. On Libria there was initially no response, the government simply reeled in shock and stayed silence. The public proclamation also reached other ears. On Aleph 4, the capital of the Federacy, an emergency session of the Council was called to discuss the options now lying before them.

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