Monday, February 17, 2014

Iron Warriors halt decline

Recent defeats on Zadoc had angered the master of Chaos. Warlord Stahl was once again furious with his allies, who seemed to be incapable of sustaining victories which his own forces began. While the Iron Warriors swept all before them where they entered the fray, daemonic forces, the Emperor's Children and various cults and traitor armies were losing his hard won gains.

Stahl demanded answers, but most of his allies remained quiet, passive and obsequious while the lord of the Iron Warriors raged at his commanders, muttering apologies to their master. There were exceptions however. The daemonic entities with which Stahl had made pacts were less inclined to bow their heads. One in particular, a greater daemon of Tzeentch, went so far as to mock the ancient captain.

Stahl could not allow this to stand, and challenged the daemon, who quickly materialised at the head of a daemonic host. Stahl threw in his elite astartes forces, as well as his own daemonic allies. Leading from the front the traitor marine commander was wise to the tricks of the enemy, and through overwhelming firepower and iron resolve, the marine forces overcame the greater daemon's hordes, banishing the daemonic host and restoring the prestige of the Iron Warriors as masters of chaos.

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