Monday, April 07, 2014

Nemesis launch major offensive on Fort Sparcos

After months of inactivity the battle between hive fleet Nemesis and the orks on Fort Sparcos flared into life once more during 03-04.014M42. In a renewed and violent offensive, the tyranids threw themselves at the ork defences, breaking them at their weakest points and forcing their way into the outer perimeter of the now heavily modified fort, suggesting Nemesis had been spending a great deal of time identifying the most efficient method of breaking into the gigantic fortification. Da Verminators forces were quickly routed, and the orks fell back to a tighter ring of defences. The tyranids had tightened the noose and now quiet fell over the devastated ruins of the once proud imperial fortification, preparing for the next move in the ongoing long running seige.

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