Thursday, April 03, 2014

"Non Alliance" Eldar continue campaign

The end of 03.014M42 saw the continuation of the eldar sector wide agenda, or more accurately, agendas of disparate eldar groups. The fractious nature of the alien race was now obvious to inquisitor Huron, and it came as no surprise to him when he heard that the Iyanden forces had been taken by surprise and massacred on Sentinel. The former imperial colony had fallen to the eldar in 012M42, after confusing battles which involved the forces of chaos, the necrons and the eldar. Eventually the Rillietan had aided Iyanden and the planet had fallen. The raid on Sentinel was moderate, and involved the summoning of a large daemon host belonging to a group known as Shaidar Haran. Previously a powerful influence in the subsector many had thought Shaidar Haran had disappeared entirely, but their appearance on the eldar world signalled the continued presence of this powerful if capricious entity.

Meanwhile following the Crimson Fists intervention on Gabriel's World, the imperial garrison had been reinforced by a regiment of Lunar Guard, recently brought into the sector by imperial high command. The guard regiments were deployed in a defensive posture, ready for an eldar attack once the astartes had left, and the Disciples of Ynnead didn't disappoint. On 0104.014M42 the eldar attacked again, and this time in even greater numbers. The ferocity of this second attack suggested the first had been merely a probe, and now that the Crimson Fists were not around to thwart them, the eldar crushed the imperial guard arrayed against them. The imperial line fell back, abandoning several outlying settlements to the aliens. The Disciples now had a foothold on Gabriel's World, and Marshall Foche thought about calling for general assistance.

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