Monday, April 20, 2015

Libria III: Lycaon Guard continue push in the north

Only a week after the gains made by the loyalists in South Vale and Waneria, General Launceston's men made further inroads into alliance territory in the north, this time approaching Belleron from the Spit Mountains along the coast of the Inner Sea. In biting winds and occasional sleet the Lycaon Guard continued to push back the rebel forces before meeting stiffer resistance in the form of Skitaari & other Mechanicum units near Suda Bay. The Lycaon commander reported that he was engaged with Mechanicum forces, and the adeptus mechanicus loyal to Inquisitor Hathek were quick to identify the forge world, although they divulged very little about it to the imperial commanders.

the mechanicum in Newhall now knew that the same forgeworld aiding Van Dorn on Hylas was engaged against Launceston on Libria III. Further data analysis confirmed that this forgeworld had ancient links with the Iron Warriors prior to the heresy, and the mechanicus calculated a 79.2% probability that their opponents at Suda Bay were honouring their old commitments now Apollo had reappeared, and a 58.3% probability that Apollo was being actively supported by the forgeworld in secret. They did not share this information with imperial command nor did they divulge this secret to Inquisitor Hathek.

In any case the force was small, and soon the Lycaon commander reported that it too had been forced to retreat and the imperial offensive continued on schedule.

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