Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Mechanicum force breaks through on Hylas

In the month since the recapture of Sarina from the greenskins General Van Dorn had been consolidating his gains and ensuring that there was no overwhelming greenskin counter attack which would undo the Apocalypse Riders' hard work. As under-resourced and low priority as ever, Van Dorn continued to plug away, using any resources he could get his hands on, and in early 04.015M42 through his network of contacts, he successfully pursuaded a little known forgeworld to send a force of skitaari and other mechanicum troops. Van Dorn was surprised to find an agent who could communicate directly with the mechanicum and secure resources, but his need was so great Van Dorn didn't let it bother him.

With surprising rapidity the force of mechanicum arrived in system. Within days of their arrival they made their presence felt, launching an offensive along the north coast of Hylas, near the shifting isles. The technology and power of the new force overwhelmed Von Bismork's defenders and within days North Eaton had been returned to the control of the Imperium. Slowly the green tide was turned back.

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