Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crusade take Pardula Bay

By the end of 07.015M42 the loyalists under general Launceston were in a terrible position. Their supply lines were cut with the defeat of the imperial navy in space, and on the ground the Iron Warriors were preparing their alliance forces for a renewed offensive. Meanwhile to the south and west of Launceston's rapidly shrinking empire, the crusade were pushing forward relentlessly.

Evading patrolling alliance ships with apparent ease the Minotaurs conducted the latest in their series of assaults on imperial positions, mostly held by Novgorod regiments. As 08.015M42 began a devastating strike against the loyalist positions on the Breaklen mountains broke the maine line of resistance to Pardula Bay. the Horon isthmus quickly fell and after a massacre of Novgorod forces the remaining imperial forces on the peninsula surrendered to the Crusade. now Launceston was forced to move his HQ to Chapel Cross, a small city on the shores of the Inner Sea.

In addition Launceston began building up a significant defence line in the Voral Mountains, and pulling back his forces from the largely unpopulated wildernesses in the north. Launceston's long march wasn't even half complete when the final blow was delivered...

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