Saturday, August 15, 2015

Raids begin on Libria IV

Following the destruction of loyalist forces on Libria III the alliance wasted little time in continuing the offensive against the imperial forces in the system. Having been defeated on Libria V and still facing a significant crusade threat on Libria III, the alliance desperately needed a secure base from which to launch operations. Now that they had the control of Librian space an invasion of Libria IV seemed the most obvious, but first the alliance drew on their eldar contingent to assess the defensive capabilities of the forces on the ocean world.

A series of raids conducted by eldar and dark eldar forces all along the coastal settlements of Libria IV caused a great deal of collateral damage, while massacring an entire batalion of Novgorod guard posted to defend the world. Satisfied that the planet was ripe for invasion the eldar then disappeared via the webway, leaving the imperium to clean up while the alliance prepared their invasion force.

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