Sunday, May 14, 2017

Corticant: Aftermath

The aftermath of the Corticant invasion left the planet in the contril of the loyalists, crusade and alliance forces. The necrons withdrew, realising they could not prevail, and the Alliance, bottled up in Fort Bastion with hostile enemies on both sides, made good their escape. The loyaliusts and Crusade now eyed each other with suspicion, before a truce was held at Arenhall Junction.

Here, Inquisitor Vorushko met with the leaders of the Imperial Loyalist forces, explaining that she was not their enemy, and that she had no intention of destroying Corticant or passing any edict outside the Zadoc subsector. Unconvinced, but realising further war was not in anyone's interests, the commander of Corticant, General Veers, agreed to Vorushko's terms.

The Crusade forces withdrew, with the exception of Vorushko's personal guard, and the archeological ruins in the south of Corticant were ceded to the crusade. What the Inquisitor lord wanted with the ancient Necron ruins was anyone's guess, but on 2406.017M42 another inquisitor, Huron, arrived on the planet. Then they waited, waited for a miracle.

Meanwhile all around dire portents were beginning to be fortold amongst those with psychic talent. Before long psi phenomena started affecting even non-psykers, and the evening sky all across the sector began to glow an erie sickly purple. Warp storms began to rage across the sector and transport was ceased. The Aleph sector watched and waited to see what would happen next.

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