Sunday, May 14, 2017

The invasion of Corticant: Chaos and Xenos

The Chaos forces were lured to the planet of Corticant by the prescience of Tzeenth, who knew that the defeat of the other races, especially regarding the necron device, would be beneficial in the months and years to come, and he sent his favoured daemon prince to take the fight directly to the defenders of the Archeological site. Unfortunately for the prince of change, his plans were undone by the presence of loyalist Librian Guardsmen. Unable to seize the site for chaos, the Emerald Serpent faction now preferred to wait and let events unfold.

The Necrons too wanted access to their ancient device, but upon appearing at Ironhaven, their progress was checked by the Deathwatch, who had been tracking the movements of the Sautekh dynasty for many months, since the necrons were now awakening all across the eastern fringe. The necrons managed to defeat the Deathwatch and take Ironhaven, but realised with the eldar and alliance standing in their way, there was no reasonable chance for them to retake their ancient tomb site.

The tyranids of Nemesis had already insiduously infested the world of Corticant through long range spores, but the arrival of the other factions was not part of the tyranid master plan. Across the planet the hive mind was assaulted. By the Ultramarines at Wellake, the Angels Repentant at Shadowshore, and with the eldar harlequins repeatedly harrassing their movements across the strategically vital Arehnall Junction. By the end of 06.017M42 the Tyranid threat at least had been eliminated from Corticant.

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