Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Aeldari 017M42

The eldar of the Aleph Sector are few in number and scattered into various factions. The Kel Sandros Craftworld hangs aloof and safe above the galactic sphere, all but immune to events in the sector, while attempting to manipulate events to eventually lead to the rebirth of the Eldar Empire. Other Craftworlds are also present in the Deeps, and it was in the Aleph Sector that the Disciples of Y'neadd fortold the coming of the eldar god of the dead, many years before these events came to pass. Often seen acting in concert with the Harlequins and Dark Eldar, it was in the Aleph Sector that the first steps of the Ynnari began.

Now following the rift, the Craftworld of Ondelinde has been destroyed, her people scattered and homeless. Eldar worlds of Sentinel and Ares, hard won off the Imperium, were consumed by the Great Maw - but perhaps that was already known to the Harlequins when they assaulted and took the worlds for themselves. Perhaps knowing that the infantile humans would be corrupted and form part of the traitor armies if they still held those worlds.

Now the Aeldari remain splintered and have their own agendas, but they must also ensure the final defeat of Chaos, and will do anything to ensure this is brought about. Even if their motive appears unclear or contradictory, the eldar farseers will have planned their interventions in advance to twist fate in their own favour.

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