Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Necrons 017M42

The Perseus Deeps had once been home to a mighty necron dynasty, the Harakhty, before they entered the long sleep. Necron worlds began awakening decades ago, and gradually world after world in the Perseus Deeps fell to the necrons as their numbers fell. By 013M42 the Harakhty dynasty once again resembled its former glory, but that was not to last.

One by one tombs began to rehibernate, as the Cryptek's realised there was an endemic fault in the reanimation protocols. The Harakhty struggled furiously with this problem, as their armies simply deactivated, and were able to hold on to their empire, but the age of expansion was over. Only with the introduction of new "blood" in the form of the Charnovokh Dynasty did the necron empire of the Deeps survive.

With the coming of the Great Rift the Harakhty Dynasty suffered greatly. three tomb worlds were devoured, leaving the remnants of the Harakhty Dynasty on the western side of the warpscar, while the reinvigorated Charnovokh took total possession of the core of the Perseus Deeps. The Charnovokh would look to expand once more, while the Harakhty were now vulnerable, weak and completely isolated.

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