Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cybixx Raids Chaos

Archmagos Cybixx had been bottled up in the system of Vandrax for some time, with little contact with Inquisitor Vorushko. Outwardly the Inquisitor Lord was confident the Archmagos would keep his word and see to the destruction of the Foramen Minoris, but secretly she wondered how much of a trustworthy ally Cybixx really was.

The Archmagos Dominus however was keeping busy. By 09.018M42 his plans were far advanced. For the defence of Vandrax and the furthering of the Crusade goals, he had begun a massive project; to build a battlestation which would be nigh on impregnable. Strong enough to deal a crippling blow to a battlefleet on its own, Cybixx's small mechanicum fleet would now be enhanced by this monstrous war engine. His enginseers protested that the endeavour would take a century to build, but Cybixx had other ideas.

Keeping the real truth to himself, the leader of the Crusade Mechanicum led his forces to Mordecai, falling upon the The unprepared defenders and beating off a concentrated counter attack from the Wraiths of Prospero - a force of Thousands Sons allied to the Emerald Serpent and Admiral Thok.

The defeat of the Wraiths on the sun scorched surface of the Mordecai Forge World bough Cybixx enough time to complete the objective of his raid, to steal Dark Mechanicus technology and arcanery in order to artificially speed up the construction of his battle station. Vorushko would never have to know...

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