Sunday, September 30, 2018

Hive fleet clash in the Hadron Expanse

Inquisitor Huron of the Ordo Xenos had been investigating the necrons of the Hadron Expanse, but in 09.018M42 he became aware of an even greater threat. The necrons off the Bahotek Dynasty appeared to remain in their slumber, at least for now, although his investigations had been seriously curtailed by the arrogance and stubbornness of the Eldar at Vespae. 

However, the tyranid xenos, previously thought not to have touched the expanse, was noted on a distant world by probes set up by his Magos Biologis. The tyranids, far from simply consuming a lush world, were in fact warring with one another. It became clear as the information flowed in through the arcane Mechanicum instrumentation, that here were two warring strains of the xenos, and one at least - the victor which went on to consume the otherwise unremarkable world in an unimportant system - appeared to show biomarkers for lineage to the Hive fleet known as Nemesis...

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