Saturday, October 06, 2018

Enkvist’s battlegroup massacred by Dark Eldar

Despite the eldar attacks at Vespae and the ongoing war against chaos in the Echo cluster, inquisitor Huron was still not about to give up on uncovering the secrets of the system. Having secured the Dnatha system for the time being, Huron once again requisitioned forces to make the warp transit to the Vespae system. This time he ordered the entirety of Enkvist’s battle group to accompany his ground forces, in the belief that the eldar and their dark kin lacked sufficient naval forces to contest an imperial battle group. He was wrong. 

The dark eldar fleet attacked without warning, employing their mimic engines to close to devastating short range. Unable to deal with the fast and agile Drukhari vessels, Enkvist’s fleet was torn apart. Little is known about the fate of the four capital ships under Enkvist’s command but only two imperial escorts returned, reporting that they had managed to destroy one Xenos vessel, but that the fate of the admiral and the inquisitor remained uncertain. 

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