Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hadron Expanse: Search for clues continues

The Federacy, with their knowledge of the necron key, contacted their Tau allies in order to broaden the search for the system where the necron device may be located. The Tau responded by sending several messenger vessels with small recon teams in order to scout local systems. Most were found with no sign of ever having had habitation, but one seemed to show promise. The recon team landed on the single world which harboured life, although no intelligent organisms were found. Among the snow covered landscape however, ruins were detected, and the tau began a systematic sweep.

The tau were swiftly set upon by graceful warriors clad in alien armour. Unbeknowst to the tau, the harlequin troupe known to the Aeldari as the "Sisters of Quartz" had been tracknig the tau movements across the sector. Now the tau had encroached on a world the Sisters saw as theirs to protect. The system contained many ancient necron secrets, as well as the location of the system the necron device. Although the Kel Sandros eldar were openly helping the tau, the harlequins were growing concerned over Tarquil's presumptuous hubris.

Rather than discuss the situation, the Sisters of Quartz simply engaged the tau in combat, shooting down drones and killing the tau commander with a fusion pistol. The tau fought back, but they were so shocked at being engaged by Aeldari forces, they did not make any progress into the ruins, and instead chose to abandon the search on this world, reporting their contact with the eldar to their command.

Meanwhile the Grey Knights and Ultramarines came to blows in a small skirmish on another outlying world. How exactly this occurred is unknown, as the clash happened well outside imperial jurisdiction, but no doubt messages from the Ultramarines in the Foramen had reached their brothers in the expanse, and the Crusade were now seen as potential enemies. In any case, the Ultramarines were driven off. Whether the Grey Knights found anything of use is also unknown.

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