Tuesday, August 08, 2006

0808.006 Sons Of Ultramar Landing on PROTOGONUS

The Sons of Ultramar land on the Tau base of Vyr' Lyth, known as Protogonus to the Imperium. Below is the Sons Of Ultramar first report.

+++0608.006 Sons Of Ultramar land one company of marines on Protogonus, south east of the water pumping station. Strike cruiser Aurelius was unable to bombard due to early discovery by the Tau fleet and retired to a safe distance. The ++CENSORED++ company deployed succesfully in woods near to the drop zone. Tau patrols immediately attacked disparate groups of marines and scored notable successes and inflicted greater casualties than they sustained. Expect an imminent attack by larger Tau forces.+++

After the successful patrol the Tau commander was heavily criticised by the Tau high command for risking crisis suits in such a small mission with so many unknowns. The suits proved vulnerable in close assault to marines and were ordered to stay at their base until the enemy forces were known.

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