Wednesday, August 23, 2006

++2208.006 -- PROTOGONUS++

After receiving word that the UFP fleet had headed out-system to deal with an Imperial threat the Tau commanders on the ground decided to take action against the space marine forces outside their perimeter. To this end a significant task force was put together and headed into the sparsely forested area to the west of the Tau compound where the Sons Of Ultramar were last sighted.

Before long the Tau army made contact with the Sons Of Ultramar and attacked their base. The attack started well with the Tau wiping out several assault marines but deteriorated from then on. Of particular note was the abject failure of the Vespids and the dominance of the space marine land raider crusader. A vehicle now highly feared by the Tau on Protogonus.

The battle allows the Sons Of Ultramar to consolidate their position outside the Tau compound and establish a landing area for more troops. In addition the Tau military on Protogonus suffers a significant blow and is forced back inside its perimeter. The Marines are now free to conduct themselves without interdiction, at least until the UFP fleet returns to the planet.


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