Tuesday, August 29, 2006



The Hellheim system is nominally Tau, since they control a base and settlement on Cernunnos, and their fleet remains the largest in the system. Certainly the inner system can be deemed Tau controlled as can the route to the outer rim for warp jumps. Donar, while riddled with chaos warriors and their encumbent slave population (around 40 million), without a fleet this chaos world is an island cut off from the rest of the chaos "empire". The Tau have quarantined it.

Einmyrria was until recently a dead rock. The eldar detonated a number of massive weapons in the southern hemisphere, believed to be the area of greatest concentration of active necron tombs. However recently more necrons have begun to appear in the northern hemisphere. Responding to this the Eldar have sent down scouting forces onto Einmyrria and have established a base. Their recent encounters with necron forces have been small affairs and to date the eldar have always succeeded in driving off their enemy.

The Imperium it would seem are still interested in the world as elements of the Sisters of Battle and a whole company of Space marines (Sons Of Ultramar) are known to be present in the general vicinity of the newest necron tomb finds. They two have had skirmishes with the necrons and it can only be a matter of time before they encounter the eldar.

Recent developments have also led to substantial mobilisation of Tau forecs and it appears they intend to send forces to Einmyrria. We have been advised by the Tau ambassador that they intend to "ringfence" the aliens on the planet and "bottle them up".

However I fear the current wave of new necron insurgency is more than a mere shadow of a dead civilisation. I fear that there is a necron fleet below the surface the planet and the latest action is part of an effort to launch this fleet. Clearly the implications of this are immense. Depending on the size of the fleet and the number of necrons, the Tau planet of Cernunnos may not be the only planet under threat. Couple this with the fact that (though the Imperium and Tau do not know it) Einmyrria is not the only necron tombworld in the sector a new crusade of these murderous beings cannot be ruled out.

I recommend continued scouting and observation of the situation. That is all at this time.

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