Monday, November 20, 2006


Operation Caterwaul started with the invasion of Myrentas II. The planet's three main cities, governed by pirate outlaws according to intelligence, were identified as the main objectives. It was thought that if one could be taken the others would surrender through fear, especially if marines were used in the first drop.

With this in mind a task force was assembled comprising of two Blood Martyrs companies and 3 imperial guard regiments. The Blood Martyrs would assault the cities in turn (if necessary) while a regiment of Guard would be assigned to garisson the conquests. Listening posts could then be set up as intended.

The fleet consisted of the Strike Cruiser Torture escorted by Cyclone, Tornado and Typhoon. The Imperial guard regiments travelled on the troopships Sovereign and Guardian.

The initial landings by the Blood Martyrs and the Scyllian 9th regiment went unopposed. Soon however it became aparent that things were not all as they seemed on Myrentas II. Initial scouting missions uncovered the fact that the city had been fortified significantly. Soon an artillery bombardment confirmed that the imperial forces had been spotted! The Scyllians were pulled back out of range while the Blood Martyrs prepared a lightning assault on the city. It was then they noticed the defenders were Iron Warriors.

Chaplain Infernus report - engagement with Iron warriors 1811.006M42 Myrentas II.

Our assault started with a bombardment from Torture which was less than satisfactory, leaving the Iron Warriors earthworks and tank traps largely untouched. Never-the-less we attackes scoring a quick success, destroying a squad of enemy bikes. The success was short lived however as two accursed obliterators appeared behind our lines, destroying our dreadnought and Predator. The attack continued however and we destroyed another squad of chaos marines before their fire became to intense and we had to withdraw.

This was a major setback to operation Caterwaul and further scouting missions confirmed the presence of traitor marines in the other two cities. The remaining imperial guard were landed and the troopships released for other duties. The small imperial force on the planet was now supported only by Torture and her escorts and would have to fight alone against unknown Iron Warrior forces. They dug in and waited for further instructions.

The news of the defeat was not recieved well in Imperial GHQ with Cardinal Sheriden reacting badly. One of his aides described the scene at a meeting of the general staff.

The Cardinal appeared most upset at the beginning of the meeting. We knew that meant bad news. His back was turned as the generals filed in. Without a word they sat down and waited for Sheriden to speak. At last he turned around, his face dark with frustration.

"Can we not find a commander who can win against these damned Iron Warriors?”

He glared at his commanders until Lord Xertes spoke.

"The dark angels...."

"Damn the dark angels!", interupted Sheriden, "have you not heard? We've not had contact with them for three weeks!"

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