Monday, November 27, 2006

Myrentas II update

The operation to take Myrentas II for the imperium centred on the cities of Whiteridge, held by the Iron Warriors, and Rockwell, currently inhabited by humans, orks and aliens who enjoyed a relatively peaceful co-existence outside the rule of the Imperium before now.The Pirate Warlords of Rockwell were unimpressed with either the Imperial landings or the Iron Warriors bas just a few hundred miles down the road. They had tolerated the chaos ruled city for a number of years, but the invasion had stirred the Iron Warriors into life and now they were threatening the city. Having no standing army to defend itself Rockwell called for aid. After much negotiation a force of Ork Speedfreaks was acquired for the city's defence, while armed militiamen guarded the city itself.The attack by the Iron Warriors on Rockwell began with a sustained artillery bombardment which reduced much of the city to rubble. When the traitor legion finally assaulted the city the Orks proved less than effective and were cut down. By the evening of the 27th the Iron Warriors had half the city and were dug in, preparing for the next assault.News of this assault irritated the Imperial commander Elias on Myrentas II. He had been trying to gain the trust of Rockwell in order to use it as a base to assault the chaos marines. Now that chance had gone. The commander had little time to be annoyed however as soon reports of dark eldar raids flooded in. The dark eldar had made two concentrated raids on the right flank of the Imperial bridgehead, attacking the Blood Martyrs company and the Praetorian 42nd regiment, commanded by the less than able Captain Froman.The first assualt by the dark eldar was a shambles as the Blood Martyrs organised a rapid and aggressive defence, using their superior armour to blast the fragile dark eldar raiders to pieces. The second raid was more successful and inflicted casualties on the guard units, but was unable to do significant damage to the dug in regiment. All in all the imperial line held.When news of an eldar landing to the north of the imperial bridgehead arrived, the imperial commander was in no doubt that the two were working in union. For some reason the eldar and their dark kin were deliberately interfering with going on on Myrentas II, but no-one could figure out why.The eldar immediately made a spoiling attack on the orks outside Rockwell. The headstrong orks immediately took the bait and attacked headlong into quickly prepared eldar defences. The orks were badly mauled before the eldar mysteriously vanished, losing hardly any casualties. At the end of the battle the orks had come into contact with the Blood Martyrs and a series of skirmishes ensued. Now out of control having lost two Warlords in the space of a day the orks prepared to assualt the imperial lines, leaving the remaining areas of Rockwell vulnerable to assault from the Iron Warriors. Belatedly the eldar plan became all to clear. The Imperium now had the orks AND Iron Warriors to contend with on Myrentas II. Commander Elias immediately requested reinforcements to be sent to the planet.

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seriesofbadjokes said...

You mis-spelt my captain's name! It's Frohman, you missed the 'h' out. I'll try and do a background for the 42nd Praetorian, but it might not happen unitl after Xmas.