Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tau give Marines "Bloody Nose"

+++Tallaxian News Agency 0411.006M42+++

With the recent conquest of Einmyrria in the Hellheim system the Imperium are gradually increasing the pressure on our Tau allies with the Sons Of Ultramar battlebarge Harbinger and strike cruiser Antilles now present in the Protogonus system. With the additional presence of the Imperial fleet, including the flagship Iron Duke, the Imperium were able to drop several more companies of marines onto Protogonus.

These forces moved towards the Tau compound last night and engaged in two fierce and bloody firefights with our allies. However both attacks were beaten back with our UFP ambassador telling of how the marines were given a "bloody nose" when they expected an easy fight.
None-the-less the overwhelming firepower of the Imperial Fleet around the Tau planet now makes this a siege. The Sons Of Ultramar have retreated back into the forests for now but there is little the UFP or Tau can do for the time being to help their comrades on Protogonus. The tau must hold out until reinforcements can arrive and smash the imperial fleet!

Long live the UFP and the democratic way!

+++Tau must avoid losing 2 out of the next 3 games to Sons Of Ultramar+++

In other news the Imperial commander, Cardinal Fang has announced a general blockade of the Protogonus and Hellhiem systems. UFP ships attempting to break this blockade will be fired upon. The Cardinal is determined that no supplies will reach the Tau on Protogonus or Cernunnos. The UFP has protested loudly, saying that once again the Imperium have gone back on their word, and treaty obligations guaranteeing UFP independence from Imperial command. No official declaration of war has been made by either side, but pressure from hard line elements in the Imperium can only mean one thing - WAR!

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