Tuesday, October 31, 2006


To get involved, simply pick a planet to fight on and let me know the result in Victory points! I also intend to arrange for some kill team and special scenarios.... email me results at noodle1978@hotmail.com

Assault on Cernunnos (Tau vs. Imperium/Space Marine Battlfleet Gothic, possible 40K after)

Now that the Imperium have secured the planet of Einmyrria and invaded the Hellhiem system on force, Cernunnos is now a thorn in the Imperial side. The Tau base, and its attendant fleet are effectively preventing an Imperial breakout from Hellheim and threatening the planned crusade into the Purseus Deeps.

The Imperial High command based on Cerberex are planning a devastating surprise attack on the Tau fleet based around the planet to cut of the Tau forces on the planet. Then an invasion can begin at the Imperiuim's leisure. It is unknown at this time whether it will be the Imperial or space marine fleet which carries out this assault or whether the element of surprise will be maintained.

Purge Of the Deeps (Imperium vs. Eldar vs. Chaos vs. Necron vs. Tyranid - 40K)

With Einmyrria captured and the necrons removed, the imperial might has now been turned on the nearby systems within the Perseus deeps, worlds inhabited by pirates, orks and chaos raiders as well as the remnants of Hive fleet Morph and necron tomb worlds. In addition it is almost certain that eldar, dark eldar and Tau forces will be sent to destabilise this Imperial campaign where they can. The nearby systems are described below. They are of little worth save for their strategic position, acting as forward bases for attacks from the inner deeps. The imperium plan to set up listening posts on all these worlds, allowing them to eavesdrop on any planned attack for hundreds of light years...

Scalius - Desert World - some settlements

Parataea - Fallow world (plains and scrub)

Aganthas - Night world (rocks and alien flora - always night)

Myrentas II - Notorious pirate world (varied climates)

Cathasaea - Ancient ruins (varied climate)

Lucardium - Desert WorldTantalon V - Forest world

Ravitane City Campaign (Imperium vs. Eldar - City terrain)Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

The Eldar hold the city Island of Selimac. Imperial forces must try to retake the city. The eldar intend to sacrifice as many imperials as they can for this gain, easing pressure elsewhere and reducing the Imperium's strength on the other fronts.(At the end of december the winner of this front - in VPs - may add their winning margin to any planet in the Deeps campaign)

Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

The Sons Of Ultramar still have a presence on the Tau planet, though they are mostly hidden in the thick forests which cover the planet. Above the planet the UFP and Imperial fleets are still jockeying for position but neither side can yet safely reinforce the planet.

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