Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Aleph System - 2510.006M42

+++Intercepted Transmission+++

My Lord,

Here follows my report on the situation in the Aleph sector. Over the last few weeks the situation on Einmyrria has deteriorated. Our scouting forces have been reinforced with marines however eldar and Tau forces have so far hindered our exploration of the necron caves. We fear they may be awakening as you suggested. We intend to press the matter with further forces assuming we can bypass the tau/UFP blockade.
Iron Duke and her escorts have now reached the Protogonus system and are shadowing the UFP fleet. No opportunity to bring one section of it to battle has as yet presented itself. On the ground the Sons of Ultramar continue their scouting mission but to not possess the strength to press home a major attack.

Ravitane has become a serious situation with the Sisters of Battle failing to halt the Eldar advance across the island of Selimac. All bridges have been cut and the eldar now control the area and space port. A new force of imperial troops is being assembled but may take weeks to get there. The eldar must be forced off the planet.

The Dark Angels are continuing their unexplained crusade in the region of tyranid infested worlds where they also encountered an Iron Warriors base. Iron Warriors have also been spotted on a number of hostile worlds by our agents so celebrations of their demise on Aleph 4 at the hands of the UFP now seem premature.

Major theatres 06/07
EINMYRRIA - ALL (to be resolved this weekend) (all scenery)
RAVITANE - Imperium vs. Eldar (ruined city)
PROTOGONUS - Imperium vs. Tau/UFP (Woods + buildings + swamps)
DARK ANGELS CRUSADE - Dark angels + Imperium vs. Tyranids vs. Chaos (all)
Necron invasion? TBA

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