Tuesday, October 31, 2006


In a shock development Einmyrria was captured last night by forces of the Imperium. The arrival of the Dark Angels and Daemonhunters added to the existing forces of the Sons Of Ultramar turned the battle in the Imperium's favour, forcing the Eldar to withdraw into the webway.

Tau forces initially gained a foothold but were later annihilated by the Dark Angels on one flank and by an unholy Ork/Chaos alliance on the other. The presence of Orks, chaos and tyranids on the planet was a surprise, but it seems the rapid advance of the Space Marines, followed by legions of Imperial guard landed in secret by the Imperial fleet, stirred up otherwise undiscovered stragglers of hive fleet Morph and the remnants of the Hellheim invasion by chaos in .004M42.

The dark eldar made several raids during the short campaign, capturing a number of slaves from the Tau and imperium. However it was the Necrons who suffered the most as they were pushed back into their tombs and forced to abandon the planet. The UFP has declared that a huge opportunity to reduce the necron threat has been missed by allowing the necrons to Phase out!

Einmyrria is now in Imperial hands and with the destruction of so many Tau forces on the planet its neighbour, Cernunnos, now looks under threat from Imperial invasion. The Tau fleet will no doubt be called upon to stop the hordes of man from threatening their only secure base.
Meanwhile the necron threat has not been reduced, simply moved to an unknown location. The Cardinal has announced that the Perseus Deeps must be purged of the necron race, a dangerous and risky proposition. The eldar suffered few casualties on Einmyrria though their lack of numbers could not prevent the final success of the Imperium. Their next move is unknown...
24 hour results:

1st Imperium
2nd Eldar
3rd Dark Eldar
4th Tyranids
5th Necrons
6th Tau/UFP

Individual (of 12 competitors):
1st Dave Bone

2nd Rykk Lloyd
3rd Nick Ogryzko


Assault on Cernunnos (Tau vs. Imperium/Space Marine Battlfleet Gothic, possible 40K after)

Purge Of the Deeps (Imperium vs. Eldar vs. Chaos vs. Necron vs. Tyranid - 40K)
- In the next few weeks a list of systems in the Perseus Deeps will be announced - Players should choose one at the start of each game and let me know the result. If you cannot agree roll a dice! At the end of December systems will be assigned by the %age of VPs won on each planet...

Ravitane City Campaign (Imperium vs. Eldar - City terrain)Protogonus Campaign (Tau vs. Imperium)

To get involved email me your results (for the Purge of the Deeps) - for other campaign fronts email me and I'll let you know how to get involved.

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