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Einmyrria Campaign (24 hour event details)

2710.006M42 Einmyrria is a cold world with no oceans. Its surface is covered in a landscape of light grey rocks which undulate across the planet for as far as the eye can see. The planet has two large impenetrable icecaps. Towards the centre of the planet there are lakes and pools created by the rain which forms from clouds formed by the power of the sun on the planets rocks. The only vegetation on the planet is moss, algae and a few tough grasses and trees which dot the landscape. The going is heavy on the planet as there is virtually no soil and no flat ground to speak of.
The other feature of Einmyrria is the ancient architecture. Vast grey pyramids and rock pillars tower over the countryside. Long abandoned roads cross the planet and the signs of a vast civilisation are barely hidden by the moss and scant vegetation. In addition there are more recent ruins of a failed human settlement.
Einmyrria was a necron world and, beneath the surface the necrons are awakening. The eldar, Tau and Imperium have found vast underground caverns with their sensors large enough to house a population of billions, as well as a space fleet…

The Necrons
An ancient intelligence is awakening on the planet. Below the surface lie vast caverns of sleeping Necrons and a space fleet readying itself for launch. The other races must be kept at bay until the rest of the planet rouses from its slumber.

The Eldar
United in their hatred of their ancient foe, the Kel Sandros eldar are working with other craftworlds to secure the planet’s surface and destroy the necron presence. Unfortunately the lesser races have also landed here and must be removed lest they threaten to tamper with things they know little about.

Tau UFP alliance
Einmyrria is the nearest planet to Cernunnos, the principal Tau base in the sector. With such a threat so close the Tau and UFP in their alliance have sent a task force to the planet, protected by the warfleet of the Federation. They found they were not the first to get there.

The Imperium
Necrons have been reported on Einmyrria. To assess the threat scout forces were sent to the planet before the UFP blockade of the system made reinforcements impossible. Elements of the Inquisition, backed by space marine companies have been investigating the necron ruins. Unfortunately the eldar are also present, intent on destroying the evidence before it can be studied, while the Tau seem intent on colonising yet another Imperial world.

Dark Eldar
The dark eldar do not like the necrons but have no special interest in them. Their goal is the harvesting of souls and slaves. Einmyrria is of interest to them because at this time it is the most convenient source of the most varied souls – human, tau, eldar…. It is also near a webway hub. The dark eldar will strike at the rear of the enemy lines where they can, abducting supply staff and auxiliaries before disappearing back into the webway.

The hive mind has no special interest in the rather barren Einmyria and in many ways the ‘nid forces are in the same situation as the chaos army. The tyranids were left behind after the recent invasion of hive fleet morph. Now the presence of other creatures has prompted them to attack. If they can harvest the DNA of the various souls they will be able to reproduce enough species to start breaking down what life does exist on Einmyrria into a soup to be collected later by the hive fleet.

Donar is the third inhabited planet in the Hellheim system, occupied by chaos forces, now trapped there since the destruction of their warfleet. However a few years ago there was another battle for the supremacy of Einmyrria which involved the forces of chaos. Most were killed in the massive orbital bombardment by the eldar once they found necrons on the planet. However some remain and are intent on spreading destruction while finding a way to get off the planet.

The Campaign (Starting Friday 27th October)

7:00pm Game 1: RECON
With so many forces on the planet from different races, the first game will be a RECON mission as all sides attempt to determine each others’ strength and dispositions while setting up their own perimeters. Victory point difference will be used to determine the rankings of the races after game 1.

9:30pm Game 2: BLITZ
The side with the higher victory point total is the attacker. As the battles continue the losing sides must hold the line as the winners go on the offensive and try to clear the area of enemy forces, extending their areas of control. Rankings will be determined again after game 2. Dark eldar players may, if the attacker, choose to play a raid mission instead.

After the draw the player on the side with more points is the attacker. On each table (set up by the GM) there will be a number of tunnel entrances. These lead to the necron tombs below. Victory points gained from these games will be added on to the previous games to determine the results.

01:00 FINISH

Notes: Each “side” will not fight itself. In addition eldar will not fight Tau/UFP forces unless they threaten to do something insanely stupid! (Like wake the necrons)

Eldar Win:
The eldar see of the other races and make their way into the necron tombs, blowing them up before they have a chance to fight back. Before the eldar leave they plant enormous explosive devices under the surface, ripping apart the crust and destroying the necron world forever. The world suffers violent convulsions as the necron fleet detonates. Anyone else left on the planet (Imperial and Tau troops etc) are also destroyed with it!

Necron Win:
The necrons hold off the encroaching cattle species long enough for the bulk of their troops to be awakened along with their fleet. Great rents open up in the ground of Einmyrria and the ships of the necrons come forth. The armies of the necrons pour upon the cattle species and each force is wiped out. Einmyrria is in necron hands and a necron fleet powers up into the space around the planet…

Imperium Win:
The Imperial forces manage to drive of other interfering races and find the necron underground complex. However once the intruders are found the necron fleet and army phases out before the imperial tech priests have a chance to study them. However some artefacts remain and are collected by the adeptus mechanicus for study. Einmyrria is declared an Imperial world and plans are made to construct a base on the planet to watch over its Tau and chaos neighbours.

Tau / UFP win:
The Tau and UFP forces pacify the surface of Einmyrria and are able to investigate the necron items. Tallaxian scientists are able to disable much of the necron machinery and severe its link to the rest of necron society, preventing it from phasing out. The technology is shipped back to UFP worlds for examination…. Meanwhile Einmyrria is added to the Tau empire as a new colony.

Chaos Win:
The remaining chaos forces on Einmyrria are successful in their quest to get off the planet – check which side was last (excluding tyranids): Dark Eldar/Eldar – chaos forces escape using the webway. Tau/UFP – Chaos forces steal tau transports and disappear into the darkness. Imperium – Chaos forces capture Imperial transports. Necron – Chaos forces steal a necron ship! Meanwhile the confusion does nothing to aid any side. Look up the second finishing side and consult this chart again.

Dark Eldar Win:
The dark eldar succeed in their primary mission to kidnap a variety of souls. They now have a varied collection of new slaves, Tau, human, eldar and even marine. Meanwhile the disruption on Einmyrria only helps the soulless necrons. Remove the Dark eldar points and re check the chart.

Tyranid Win:
If the tyranids score the highest then the surface is scoured of life by the tyranid horde and the other races are forced to abandon the planet. The imperium schedule an exterminatus but before this can happen the necrons underground will reactivate. Remove the tyranid score completely and check again. If the necron score is now the highest treat as a necron win. If not the necron tombs are infested by tyranids and the necrons on Einmyrria are eliminated.

**Spare armies are available if required**

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